Happy Blog-i-versary! Have some free stuff!!!

Last night, I totalled up the entries from my 3rd Blog-i-versary contest.  In all, there were 21 participants earning a total of 29 entries.  People identified anywhere from 5 up to all 50 of the images correctly (only Chris Ingersoll, a member of my game group, got all 50).  I organized all the entries into a spreadsheet and then randomly decided who would win.  Now, I could have used a random-number generator or pulled paper from a hat or something, but instead, I used the most maligned and generally useless of all dice, the 30-sider.  I actually had Gwen roll it in another room and call out the number to me, just to make sure that we wouldn’t intentionally or unintentionally show any favoritism to someone we knew.  The number we rolled was a 10, which corresponded to…

Andrew Tullsen!!!

Congratulations, Andrew!  You are the proud new owner of a $35 gift code for Game Surplus


Thanks for everyone who entered the contest, and especially to Game Surplus  for generously donating the prize support!  I asked them to help me out because they are one of my favorite online retailers, and I definitely encourage and recommend you all to check them out for your game-buying needs.

But just in case you didn’t have the chance to enter or didn’t do quite as well as Chris, below you will find the collage followed by a template for the answers (click on both to enlarge).  


And just to be even more clear, here’s a list of the games on the collage, generally running in order from upper left across and then down to bottom right.

1. Descent
2. If Wishes Were Fishes
3. Zombiegeddon
4. Witch’s Brew
5. Vegas Showdown
6. Macao
7. Unspeakable Words
8. Top Race
9. Ghost Stories
10. Toledo
11. Chicago Express
12. Lord of the Fries
13. The Princes of Florence
14. PowerMage 54
15. Monopoly Deal
16. Space Hulk (3rd ed)
17. Pirates’ Dice 1
8. Pandemic
19. Roll Through the Ages
20. Cosmic Encounter
21. Easter Island
22. Age of Empires III
23. Jamaica
24. Endeavor
25. El Grande
26. Gift Trap
27. Dixit
28. Tobago
29. Bang!
30. Blue Moon City
31. Taluva
32. Perikles
33. Agricola
34. Space Alert
35. Big City
36. Mission: Red Planet
37. Carson City
38. Delve the Dice Game
39. Samurai
40. Tigris & Euphrates
41. Stone Age
42. Shadows Over Camelot
43. Nexus Ops
44. Tribune
45. Traders of Carthage
46. Carrom
47. Wealth of Nations
48. Man Bites Dog
49. Steam
50. Andromeda


  1. Rob Cannon

    Great collage. Thanks for the fun contest!

  2. Bay

    That was fun… annoyed that I couldn’t place those purple cubes as the mutant strain in Pandemic!

  3. Chris Ingersoll

    It helps if you have actually played Chris’s copy, with the “mutant” blue cube.

  4. Chris Norwood

    That’s not a mutant cube…

    This is a mutant cube!

  5. I got a few correct. More looked familiar but I couldn’t remember the game name.

    Thanks for the contest and congratulations to the winner! And thank you for the blog.

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