With Gwen all pregnant, I’ve got to do some “Solo Gaming”…

Yep, I had planned for Gwen and I to try out a couple of games on Saturday night (including the copy of Campaign Manager 2008 that I borrowed… without asking… from Hypermind).  But with Samantha’s birthday party and all the preparation for it, along with the whole “incubating a baby” thing, she was totally wiped out and went to bed early.

That left me to either catch up on sleep like a reasonable person or to stay up by myself late into the night and play some solo games…  So let me tell you how the gaming went!

I wanted to start off by giving my newly constructed copy of the “advanced version” of Delve the Dice Game a trial run.  As I mentioned earlier, it is different from the “regular” game mainly because it is made of three decks of cards which you can use to randomly generate dungeons to explore.  I started off using the standard characters (Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, and Wizard), and did okay for a little while.  I ran into a Balor early, and everyone but the Cleric was killed.  Thankfully, I managed to roll good enough to resurrect the Fighter a little later, but when I pulled the Acid Fog trap (which steals one of your six dice for the rest of the game) from the Treasure Deck, things were pretty much over.

The Balor, and then the resurrection roll that kept my hope alive for a tad longer
I started over, this time using the Paladin, Ranger, Cleric, and Sorcerer.  I again ran into the Balor, but survived with only one casualty this time.  Acid Fog made another appearance when I tested the waters of the Treasure Deck, and when I then ran into the Frost Giant Jarl, he killed off my remaining heroes in one turn.

I definitely like the core concepts of Delve the Dice Game, but the advanced version still needs some work.  It’s currently still under development, though, and I just discussed some of my issues with the designer.  So I’m going to help to develop it a little bit more and work out some of the kinks, and I’m sure that it’ll be fun to work on however it turns out.

Just before the end, with 3 dead heroes and an angry Frost Giant beating the life out of us.

To finish out my night, I played Roll Through the Ages a couple of times as well.  In the first game, I never seemed to get on track and only scored around 30 points.  But in the second game, everything fell into place pretty well.  I used Quarrying and Engineering to complete almost every monument, and scored a bunch of bonus points with both Architecture and Empire, to have a final score of 62 points. 

I had considered playing something a little heftier (like Ghost Stories or Pandemic), but RttA is just so quick and easy.  It’s like the booty call of gaming.  You can either work a little harder to get a better payoff with something else, or you can just call up Roll, who you know is always up for some action at a moment’s notice.

So anyway, maybe Gwen will be able to hold onto consciousness for a tad longer during the upcoming holiday weekend.  But if not, I’ve got some solo gaming ready on speed dial.      


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