Reading RPG’s in Public and Other Assorted Loose Ends

As I mentioned last week, we geeks had an assignment to go out there in public – you know, the place where all those people are – and fly the flag of our nerdiness by reading a game book where other people could actually see us.  I’ve definitely made an effort to do so, but most of the time been without my camera, or someone that could take a picture of me.  Over the last few days, however, I’ve managed to correct that…

This is me reading Kenny’s copy of Diaspora in the waiting room of Gwen’s OB/Gyn.  I haven’t really announced it here before, but we recently found out that we’re expecting our second child, and this visit was for the 8-week ultrasound, during which we saw the little one’s heartbeat for the first time!  It was pretty cool.

And this was me reading Dogs in the Vineyard over lunch at K&W’s Cafeteria here in Burlington.  For this one, I actually had to ask the waitress to take it.  I was sort of hoping that she’d ask what it was all about or what the book was, but she didn’t bite. 

In fact, I didn’t get any questions or interest in anything that I’ve been reading in public over the last week or so.  I know that both of these books are a little subtle for RPG’s, but I also read several boardgame rulebooks (including Shogun, Nexus Ops, Descent, Macao, and others) that were a lot more colorful and obvious.  The only thing that I didn’t really do was to read a “real” full-size RPG book with an easily recognizable name.  ‘Cause if I’d whooped out a 4th Edition D&D Players Manual, the sheer size and D&D name may have been a bigger flag.  But, of course, I really wasn’t interested in reading something like that right now.

And since this post already contains one exciting announcement, let me throw in a bit of a teaser as well.  My third blog-i-versary is coming up in April, and in order to celebrate, I’m going to be running a little contest.  Yes, that’s what I said, a contest.  With a real prize.  And the prize was even donated to me for this specific purpose, so it’s not just going to be some little worthless game from the back of my closet or from the bargin bin at my FLGS.  Keep your eyes open to the site in the next week or so, and I’ll give you some more details! 


  1. Alton


    I just wanted to send a heartfelt congrats on the news of expecting your second child. I wish both Gwen and you all the best.

    Children are the ultimate joy in life; enjoy every moment with them while you can; because it seems that they have a bad habit of turning into adults much too quickly.

  2. Chris Norwood

    Thanks, Alton! 

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