Assorted Gaming Stuff, and Just a Bit of My Little Girl

I had a pretty good weekend.  I spent a good portion of the day on Saturday outside doing some yard work and taking pictures of Samantha.  See, we’ve got this local TV station (WFMY, Channel 2) that highlights children that are “Turning 2” on their birthdays, and Gwen and I wanted to submit a really nice and current picture of her.  So, after sorting through about 150 photos taken that day, this is the one we chose:

The only thing that I don’t absolutely love about it is the fact that you can’t really see her gorgeous blue eyes.

Anyway, later that evening, we had our annual “Ham & Egg Supper” at church, during which we prove exactly how non-Jewish we all are by consuming approximately 20 lbs of 5 different types of salted pork.  It was good, but I’m still recovering from the excess salt in my system.  Afterwards, however, a couple of guys came over to the game room and joined Gwen and me for some party games!

We started off with one of their favorites, The Andy Griffith Show Trivia Game.  Now, just in case you weren’t aware, down here in the South (and especially in North Carolina), Andy Griffith is practically a religion unto himself.  I’m a fan (as are we all), but I’m not exactly a fan-atic, so I don’t do very well with the game personally.  Gwen and Phillip kicked my and Keith’s butt.

We then followed that up with a couple of games of Word on the Street, which I’m finding to be one of the most accessible and fun party games that I’ve picked up lately.  I wasn’t so sure about it at first, but between the 30-second timer and the fact that absolutely anyone can play, it’s a crapload of fun.  Again, however, Keith and I suffered two more defeats.

And then we finished up the evening by pulling out Tier auf Tier, my favorite “stacking” game.  It was also nice to play indepently for a change, and I even managed to win one of the three games we played.  Phillip, as in everything, was a bit competitive…

Phillip assesses the situation, and Keith (the disembodied hand) makes a move

So we had a good time.  I sort of wanted to get Dixit to the table again, but it just didn’t seem to fit the evening for some reason.  It was pretty late when we got started, so that was one factor.  And I just didn’t get the vibe from them that they wanted to learn any depth of rules, which Dixit has (especially in the scoring) to some extent. 

But the other thing that I’ve been doing over the weekend and a bit longer is assembling a set of the “advanced version” of  Delve the Dice Game.  While it tweaks the powers of the original heroes a bit, the main change is that it includes three decks of cards (Heroes, Encounters, and Treasure) instead of prescripted “dungeons”.  You can still intentionally assemble a specific dungeon to explore (and the rules even give you some sample dungeons to try out), but the “real” way to play is to randomly flip over new Encounters one after another. 

Each successfully defeated Encounter is worth a certain number of experience points (XP), and you can even spend 4 of those XP to flip over a Treasure card.  Treasures generally add to characters’ abilities or do something really cool.  But some of the Treasure cards, however, are actually traps that do all number of bad things.  Assuming that you survive, you can then either flip over another Treasure card or get your XP back (if you don’t want to risk it).

Ending the game is a push-your-luck thing, because your score is the XP you manage to leave the dungeon with.  If your whole party dies, then you lose.  So you want to push it as far as you can to get as much XP as possible, and then run away home so that you can brag to your friends.  And there seems to be a nice balance between wanting to horde XP and spend it on Treasures that could potentially help you get even more XP. 

Overall, I had a good time putting together the deck.  My only gripe is the fact that they used rounded corners on the cards.  While it looks really nice, I don’t know how long it took me (after I had already cut the cards apart) to clip all the silly little corners.  But it looks really cool, and I can’t wait to give it a try.  Again, check out the Delve Games website to take a look.