GamerChris in the New Year

2009 was a great year for me and this site.  After being down some in terms of my attention in 2008 (mostly due to the birth of my little girl), I really managed to hit a nice stride for most of the year.  Some statistics for 2009:

  • 43,811 Total Visits
  • 64.98 average Entry Views per day
  • 23,717 total Entry Views

I have no freaking earthly idea if that’s good or not in comparison to other similar sites, but it makes me happy in the midst of my ignorance.  I like the upward trend in visitors, and having lots of comments is probably the best part of all! I’d love to continue to increase my readership, and I appreciate any thoughts or opinions on how I could make the site better. 

In the end, though, I can’t really control who does or doesn’t come.  All I can do is to work on my part, which is to provide consistent, quality content.  Here’s a graph which addresses a little of that:

You can see the dip in posts that happened in 2008 (starting in April, right after Samantha was born), but I’d say that it’s also pretty apparent that I made a definite effort to be more consistent in 2009.  My average for 2009 was 10 posts/month, up from 4 in 2008 and 6 in 2007.  This trend is something that I plan to continue…

GamerChris Resolutions!

So to accomplish the goal of contiual improvement for this blog, I’ve decided on three resolutions for 2010.  Two are specific and measurable, and the other is the strategy I will use to make it all happen:

1) Post at least 3 times a week! – To improve on my average of 10 entries/month, I need to be more consistent.  Three posts a week equals about 12 per month, and that sounds really good to me.

2) Write at least one review a month! – I really like writing reviews, but they take me so long (upwards of 4-6 hours most times) that I tend to let them slide.  I’ve made this a general goal in the past, but I’m going to hold myself more accountable than ever before this year. 

3) Take my entries less seriously! – I know this sounds a little contradictory to my theme of improving the blog, but one of the most significant barriers to me posting more is how much time I spend on each entry.  I have this innate feeling that anything I publish, even on this series of tubes called the internet, must somehow be “perfect”.  It slows down my writing significantly – what with all the re-reading and editing everything I do.  And I usually include lots of pictures, but that involves another whole process of taking and editing them, uploading them to the site, and formatting them into the entries.  Heck, I even insert lots of links to the games I reference, often multiple times within the same post and all of which are done manually.  As much as I love the polished-looking finished product, it also kills me in terms of the extra effort and time that it consumes.

So what does all that mean?  Well, my vision is for shorter posts, published more often and with less overall frills.  I won’t exclude links and pictures altogether, but maybe they’ll be fewer in number in some posts and absent in others.  As much as I like and hope that you have appreciated the work I put into the “polish” of the site, I still feel like my biggest strength is the examination of games and the gaming experience, and that’s what I want to focus on even more.  

I hope this sounds like a good thing to y’all.  Please… PLEASE let me know what you think.  Does this sound like improvement to you, or am I way off base?  And if you have any thoughts, tips, recommendations or comments to help me make some of this easier or better overall, let me know either here or through my email at

Thanks so much for your patronage, and have a great year of gaming in 2010!!!   


  1. tomg

    Wow. Pretty impressive numbers in my mind. Congrats.
    “Well, my vision is for shorter posts, published more often and with less overall frills. I won’t exclude links and pictures altogether, but maybe they’ll be fewer in number in some posts and absent in others. As much as I like and hope that you have appreciated the work I put into the “polish” of the site, I still feel like my biggest strength is the examination of games and the gaming experience, and that’s what I want to focus on even more. “
    I agree with you on this. Your strength is a thorough examination of games in a way that we can understand. I appreciate that. I think shorter but more frequent posts will be fine. As to your resolutions – I need to adopt them myself. I need to post more and start doing more reviews. Of course that means playing more games. Drat.
    Go Forth and Game,

  2. I’ve been really enjoying your work as I’ve been getting more involved in the community. As a blogger in a different domain, I find that content quality and frequency are the two main factors in your traffic. Engagement (comments, etc) is third.

    My resolution to you is that as you continue to put out good content, I will continue to include it in my news aggregation for the boardgaming community!

  3. Chris Norwood

    Thanks!  And keep giving me feedback!

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