Okay, I’m never going to catch up at this rate… So just screw it!

I’m three or so weeks behind on talking about game nights and other random gaming, and I’ll never have the time to actually report on everything.  Heck, I’ve barely had time to report on much of anything lately!  So instead, here’s a bunch of pictures from this vast period of time, along with a little bit of commentary when I feel it necessary…


Tribune is still a great game.  I hate that I missed one of its weeks as Game of the Month!,  but I think that it still had a nice run.  It definitely seemed like while a few people were very interested in it, there were also a few gamers that avoided it for some reason.  Most everybody gave it good ratings, and I wonder what was going on.  Anyway, I hope that the eventual English reprint of the expansion helps this see some continued play in the future, and it still sits firmly in my top 10.


Bang! continues to be the closer of choice for us, especially with the addition of real bullets to the mix (well, technically, they’re just shell casings, but they’re still pretty evocative).  Some games can be ruined pretty easily, though, like when a deputy flips over his card thinking that he’s won after all the Outlaws are dead, but the Renegade (who has played a masterful game to that point, if I do say so myself) is still very much alive.  But Bang! needs to be played with its maximum capacity for the real fun to start.


Kenny has a talent for being caught with entertaining facial expressions.


I didn’t get a chance to play Unspeakable Words in October, but I squeezed in a game last month.  Of course, I really need to play it again now that Kenny gave me the set of black Cthulhu figures that Playroom also makes.  Castle Panic went over really well at game night, and we actually managed to win!  Top Race is a consistent “winner” (heh heh, I’m so witty) with the group.  And my first play of Jamaica was, well, kinda boring really.  It’s pretty, but there’s not much to it, and if everybody thinks too much it can really drag.


I’ve played Pandemic (with On the Brink) a handful of times both at game night and with Gwen, Tony and Alex (my brother and nephew).  It’s as good as always, but I still need to try out the Bio-Terrorist.  I brought my Carrom board along last Tuesday night, and it went over pretty well.  The biggest issue is that with people who aren’t very good yet, getting the queen in and covered can take forever, so several of the games played that night came down to a person winning when the other player accidentally knocked their last piece in.  I’m having a lot of fun with it, though, either in actual games or just practicing by myself.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was able to get in some gaming with Gwen, Tony and Alex.  Alex is in love with Dominion right now, so Tony and I played three games with him.  We started with 10 random sets of kingdom cards, and then each of us were allowed to remove and then add one new card type for the following two games.  I had a lot of fun, and really need to get Gwen to play this with me 2-player more often. 

Alex was then off to bed while Gwen joined Tony and me for an epic game of Fury of Dracula.  It was only their second game each (the first being at my big Game Day), but they were all over me from the very beginning.  We played for about 2 and a half hours, but the game only lasted two “days” in game time.  I was not doing well at all until they cornered me in Marsailles, where I managed to defeat Dr. Seward and then my minion defeated Van Helsing.  All of the sudden, I was sitting at 5 Vampire Points and a new day was about to dawn.  At the last possible moment, however, that wench Mina Harker tracked me down in Athens and ended my unlife just as dawn was breaking.  I really love this game, but the more I play it, the more I’m convinced that it’s definitely tilted in favor of the hunters.  In this game, their ally Sister Agatha did a ton of damage to me because I got into too many fights, and in general, the hunters have more and better event cards both to draw and in play at one time.  But anyway, I’ll still play Fury any time that I’ve got a spare 2-3 hours!


And finally, we’ve already had a lot of fun with Roll Through the Ages at game night, and it is our Game of the Month! for December.  So stay tuned for more thoughts about it and tons of other games! 


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