Tomorrow is the Big Game Day!!!

It seems like it’s taken forever to get here, but tomorrow is the first (hopefully of many) Norwood Game Day and the official inaguration of my new Game Room!

Just last night, I finally got the last of the 4 bookcases up into the room, dusted everything off, and loaded my game collection into them.  It’s really cool, and I have enough room in the cases for the collection to grow a little.  I’m also working a little on other decor for the room, which I’ll hopefully be able to post pictures of in a few days.  

As for the rest of today, I need to somehow focus enough to do some actual work, then finish cleaning up this evening and in the morning, and hopefully get a little sleep tonight.  It was hard to close my eyes last night after organizing and shelving all of my games, and I think that it will be even more of a challenge tonight.  And while we’re going to be playing all afternoon and evening, that’s still not enough time to get in everything that I want to play, so I’m trying to figure out which games I want to push.

I’m getting all aflutter just writing about it, so I’d better get back to work…  


  1. Have fun! I wish that I could be there.

  2. Anonymous

    Looking forward to NORWOOD GAME DAY… It should be fun for all who come. See everyone tomorrow.

  3. Alton

    Looking forward to the NORWOOD GAME DAY… should be great fun for all who attend… Get some SLEEP Chris… we all want you to be on your game. See everyone tomorrow.

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