Sorry for the delay… So here’s a new header image!

It’s been a busy week for me, and the blog has suffered for it.  Gwen had a relatively minor surgery on Wednesday, and I’ve been taking care of her and Samantha ever since.  Add to that having her Mom, grandparents, brother, and sister-in-law-to-be over for lunch on Saturday (for her Mom’s birthday), and I haven’t had time for much of anything else.

Still, I did find a few moments while everyone else was napping yesterday to put together a new image header (note above), which I’ve been wanting to get done since putting together my top 100 games, and work a little on my games for MACE

I’ve had the basic concept for my Dread game since I volunteered to run it, but I actually started doing some work on putting together the character questionaires and outlining a few scenes that I want to happen.  I’m really excited about it, even if I’m nervous about running my first RPG in a couple of years for a system that I’ve never even played in.   

Which brings up A Penny for My Thoughts, the other game that I’ll be running before ever actually playing.  I was really hoping to get it to the table at my game day last week, but it just didn’t find a place to fit in.  Maybe there’s still some hope of a run-through, but time’s getting short.  Penny is fully collaborative/GM-less, though, so I don’t think it will be so bad.  Dread is more GM-driven, but I still want to keep it light and let the players do most of the leading, so I’m going to refuse to let myself over-prepare and be too stressed about it all.

But anyway, amidst my excitement over MACE, waiting for my review to drop at Boardgame News, and taking care of my two ladies, I’m also trying to get through my backlog of reports and reviews.  Hopefully, some of it will get done soon… 


  1. tomg

    Hi Chris.
    I was very interested in both your games and still may try to squeeze in if the ones I’ve signed up for don’t take. I would like to meet you though. I’ll try to at least stop by the tables or locate you somehow on Saturday.

  2. Chris Ingersoll

    Still need to find time to register for MACE…

  3. Chris,
    Let me know about this Sat.
    I sent you a note on BGG.

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