Doodlin’ Thru Labor Day

I had a good Labor Day weekend.  Nothing too special as far as gaming goes, but Gwen and I did have the chance to get a few things to the table on Saturday and Sunday after Samantha was in bed.

We hit a couple of our stand-bys, starting with 10 Days in Asia first and Ticket to Ride the next evening.  I took 10 Days 2 games to 1, and we split a couple of games of TtR.  But the big “hit” of the weekend was, of all freaking things, Doodle Dice!  Yeah, you read me right… Doodle Dice.  We played it 5 times in total, and had a really good time with it.

I picked it up at the big Barnes & Noble sale at 75% off back in February, mainly because I thought it would be a good party and/or kids game.  Basically, it’s yet another Yahtzee-like dice game, where you get up to three rolls of 6 dice and try to make the best combination you can.  But the interesting thing is that, instead of combinations of numbers or something, you’re trying to put together the different symbols on the dice to form little, well, doodles.

There are cards of 6 different colors, each color having a different complexity of doodle.  The simplest are the orange, which only require one die, while the purple require all six dice.  There are also some bonus cards, which either give extra re-rolls or allow you to make an opponent skip a turn.  And the coolest thing is that you can also steal cards from an opponent (which is especially important if only one card of a particular color has come out).

Yeah, it’s completely random and just another Yahtzee variant, but Doodle Dice is fun for us because it is just different enough to be interesting, it’s cute, and it doesn’t try to be more than it is.  

Ain’t the Octopus cute???


  1. Chris Ingersoll

    I sent this to my “niece” last Christmas. I didn’t get the chance to ask her (mom) how she likes it when I was up there last month…

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