Dominion Didn’t Win!!!

In an amazing victory for all games that are not Dominion, Le Havre took the 2009 International Gamer’s Award prize in the multiplayer category.  With his win last year for Agricola, Uwe Rosenberg is only the second designer to win back-to-back IGA’s.  For more information, check out the Boardgame News coverage to get a detailed rundown of the voting process.

I’ve only played Le Havre twice (one of which was solo), so I don’t know if I really have an opinion about this result.  I wonder if it is somewhat a reaction by some of the hard-core eurogamers on the jury to bring Dominion down a peg, but I’m certainly no huge proponent of “the shuffling game”, so they may have just liked Le Havre better.

It’s also pretty interesting to check out Brian Bankler’s response to the award (and his follow-up), as well as all the comments that it spawned.


  1. While I havent played Le Havre, I am eager to get my hands on another Uwe Rosenberg creation. Agricola is my favorite game without any doubts.
    Congrats, Uwe Rosenberg!

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