The Hotness!!!

I was just updating the “Hot List” on my BGG profile, and I thought that it might be cool to discuss it a little bit here as well.

I know that there are many schools of thought as to what makes a game “hot worthy”, so let me be clear about what can land a game on my hot list.  Usually, these are games that I’m either playing a lot, want to play a lot, or am thinking about a lot.  In some cases, I haven’t even played the game yet, but I’m so sure that I’ll love it that the game gets in on speculation.  It really comes down to the games that most occupy my attention at the moment, and it is completely subjective, so don’t even think of arguing with me!  

So with that being said, here we go with my current
Top 10 Hottest Games!!!

10) Metropolys – I just love this little spatial auction game!  It is both unique and intutive, and is just the right length for its depth and what it does.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my BGG review of it is second only to Scott Nicholson’s video review and that I’m still undefeated through 5 plays.  I have to admit, however, that Nexus Ops almost took this spot, just because I had so much fun playing it a few weeks ago.

9) Mission: Red Planet – I really like the combination of simultaneous role selection and area-majority scoring in this game, but the main thing that has kept me interested since playing it recenetly is trying to figure out a good variant to “fix” the bonus and discovery cards mechanic.  I even started a thread at BGG to discuss some of my ideas (which hasn’t seen much traffic, so go over and give me your opinion!).  My interest in this game was re-piqued after playing A Castle for All Seasons, which has a similar role-selection mechanic paired with a resource management/VP building scoring element.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get it to the table again to try out some of the variants due to the interruption of lots of new hotness at game nights   

8) Tribune: Primus Inter Pares – This is the most recent game to make it into my Top 10 Boardgames of All Time (currently in spot #6).  Despite it not hitting the table either in the last couple of months, I’m still facinated enough by it to keep it on this list for the time being.  Once some of the shiny wears off a few of the new games, I hope that this will see some more play and maybe even become a Game of the Month! soon. 

7) Ideology: The War of Ideas – I had been aware of this game for a while and was at least mildly interested in its theme, but was a bit turned off by some of the opinions I read about it.  After playing it with Britt and Carol, however, I definitely liked what I saw.  It’s not a perfect game or anything, but it’s significantly different from most other “global domination” games that I want to give it some more love.  It’s another game that has lived in my thoughts partly because of some variants or rules tweaks that I think might help it be even better.

6) Le Havre -I had made up my mind not to bother with this game (mainly because of its play time)… until I saw it on Tanga recently for something like $45.  Since getting it, I’ve only played once with others and once solo, and it’s sorta got me hooked.  Its depth of play and almost limitless options for strategy are pretty facinating, and I’d love to get it to the table again soon.  I don’t know if I want to sacrifice another whole game night to it, but I’d love to give it a shot on a Saturday or some other time.

5) Stone Age – Most Games of the Month! make it on to my Hot List, and Stone Age is no exception.  Overall, I had fun with it, but my opinion and interest in it is definitely on the decline.  As many options as it seems to have, all the plays I’ve had with it seem pretty one-dimensional.  But I’ll get to that in my review of it (if I ever do get around to writing it). 

4) Acquire – Another Game of the Month! selection, but this time of a game that is 12 years older than me!  I was totally surprised by this game and hope that it is a regular gaming choice for me for a very long time to come.  Again, however, I really need to get to that review… 

3) Space Alert – As any of my “regular” readers probably know, I love coop games.  And Space Alert is one of the most unique and innovative games (cooperative or not) that I’ve ever played.  The only downside I see about it right now is that learning how to play using the progressive scenario approach requires a pretty significant investment in both time and energy, but the whole process of doing so is incredibly fun.  It certainly stimulates thought and planning, but then forces you to work together under pressure to actually do well.  I can’t say enough great things about this game, and just mainly need to play it some more!   

2) Steam – This is the upcoming Game of the Month! for August.  I’ve gotten in a couple of plays in with the Base Game, and I certainly hope that we can try out the standard game a few times next month as well.  So far, I’ve had a lot of fun with it, and I just hope that it doesn’t degrade into a Power Grid debacle throughout the month ahead. 

1) Tales of the Arabian Nights – Without question, the game that I’m most excited about right now is Tales of the Arabian Nights.  Despite the fact that it’s not a real game and that playing it with 5 players almost made me want to claw my eyes out, I’m definitely in love with it.  As I mentioned in my little rant about Munchkin, I’m really tired of lazy games that expect you to bring all your own fun to the game.  In TotAN, however, the design and mechanics of the game directly support the experience that you’re supposed to get from it.  Sure, the rules could have been a lot more “gamery” in terms of giving the players more control of results and being able to have some more direct competition with each other, but doing so would have diminished its focus on telling thematic stories.  So even with its flaws, I love it for its simplicity and dedication to its goal.

So there you have it!  What do you think?  What is on your Hot List???     


  1. Bryan

    My “hot list” on my BGG profile (mr_nuts) is used as my wishlist: the higher up it is, the more I want it. It is currently:

    1. Betrayal at House on the Hill
    2. San Marco
    3. Thebes
    4. Brass
    5. Small World
    6. A Castle for All Seasons
    7. Pandemic: on the Brink
    8. The Witches of Salem
    9. Kingsburg: To Forge a Kingdom
    10. Tigris & Euphrates

    I’ve never played any of these, but if I could add any 10 games to my collection, it’d be these.

  2. Chris Norwood

    That’s pretty interesting…  So you don’t think that just using the actual Wishlist is good enough for ya?

    Still, it’s a pretty good list you’ve got there.  The top 10 of my Wishlist looks like this:

    1. Pandemic: On the Brink (love Pandemic!)
    2. Pitch Car (played several times, must own!)
    3. Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age (Pandemic designer… plus good press)
    4. Goa (never played, sounds like something up my alley)
    5. Tulipmania 1637 (just watched Scott Nicholson’s video about it)
    6. Valdora (Doug Garrett sold me on it)
    7. Founding Fathers (1960 designers… plus multiplayer… YES!)
    8. Top Race (played a few times – great race game)
    9. Big City (waiting for the reprint!!!)
    10. Chicago Express expansion (love CE, even if I suck at it) 

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