Steam pulls into the station for Father’s Day!

I had a busy weekend.  Yesterday was my second Father’s Day as a father, and it was full of church and family gatherings with little time for any boardgaming.  I was actually born on Father’s Day, by the way.  I was the best present that my dad ever got!!!  (Well, the most expensive anyway… which may or may not be an indicator of overall quality).  While I didn’t get any boardgames played all weekend, but I still had a great time.

On Saturday, Gwen and I took Samantha to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.  Samantha’s still only 14 months old, of course, so we mainly spent time looking at the animals, riding the miniature train, and playing the toddler-only activity area.  On the way back through town, however, we stopped at a non-so local (nor very friendly, for that matter) game store in the area.  They don’t have the depth or breadth of game selection that Hypermind does, but they tend to do well on the newer and perhaps more obscure titles.

So anyway, I picked up Steam: Rails to Riches for Father’s Day.  It was between that, Finca (which I don’t know anything about other than it’s nominated for the SdJ), and On the Underground (which I’ve wanted for a long time, but never been overly motivated to actually buy).  While I tend to stay away from controversy over on BoardGameGeek, I have to say that my sentiments definitely lie more with Martin Wallace in his friggin’ huge ethical and legal brouhaha with John Bohrer.  Not so much that I feel guilty for buying Chicago Express (which is a remake of a game produced by Bohrer), but definitely enough that I was going to wait to pick up Steam rather than 3rd edition Age of Steam.

You see, I’ve never even played Age of Steam before.  Yeah, I know that it’s practically shameful that I haven’t played this holy grail of train games before, but I’ve just never really had the chance.  Since we’re all relatively new modern boardgamers here in Burlington, I don’t think that anyone even owns it.  I have, however, played Railroad Tycoon a couple of times with Gwen, and I think that we’re (as in, Gwen and I, as well as the rest of the Hypermind Boardgamers) going to have some fun with Steam.  I’m going to try and have the rules all read by Tuesday, and maybe we’ll even give it a shot this week.  So we’ll just have to wait and see if the train-game bug bites our group or not… 


  1. Britt

    I can’t wait to play! (Fingers crossed for this Tuesday…)

  2. Chris Norwood

    I’ll have it with me, and I’ll be there shortly after lunchtime.

  3. Britt

    I still anticipate getting to Hypermind around 1:30. Ill call if I am running late.
    Anything that you would like for me to bring? (Age of Conan, Twilight Struggle, Maneouvre, etc)

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