A Penny for My Thoughts on Preorder! And a New Format for Reviews!!!

Yep, I went ahead and preordered Paul Tevis’ game, A Penny For My Thoughts.  I’m excited!  Of course, I’d probably even more excited if I could find some way to play it when it actually arrives.  But I don’t need to whine about that again now…

Instead, I’ll mention that I’m going to be trying out a new format for reviews.  I really like the style of review that I’ve developed previously, but it is exceedingly labor-intensive and time-consuming to do.  For Game of the Month! reviews or for games that are complex or that I really want to give that much attention to, it’s great.  But I need a format that will be quicker and easier to use, that gets more at the highlights of what I like or dislike about a game and which can be written in a far shorter time.  If it works out, I may even do more negative reviews in the future.  Anyway, I’ll be posting my first review with this format, for Metropolys, later this afternoon. 


  1. tomg

    I’d be pleased as punch to play Penny provided pending schedules work out.
    That was bad. Sorry got carried away.

  2. Tony

    I finally got around to reading the rules you gave me months ago (I had a long boring meeting it the pages looked close enough like work to fool bystanders) and agree I want to play it. The collaborative storytelling approach to memory creation seems cool – although the mechanics of penny distribution wasn’t really that clear.

  3. Chris Norwood

    I’ve got the final pdf and now even the hardcopy, and it is as cool as I’d hoped it would be.  I’d love to get some experience with it “at home” first, but I’ll probably try to run a session of it at MACE in November.

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