On My Radar

I thought that it would be good for me to start a semi-regular piece where I talk a little about some upcoming games that sound cool enough to make my wishlist. Most of the time, they will be games that either aren’t out yet or that don’t have English productions, but sometimes I may also include a game that is out but that I haven’t had the chance to see in person.

So, what’s On My Radar???

Pandemic: On the Brink
Pandemic is one of my favorite games, and after reading the rules for this expansion, I’m chomping at the bit to try out all of its new options.  Personally, I’ve never really grown tired of the base game due to how quick it plays and how the randomness of the infection deck changes the game so much.  But the idea of trying out 7 new roles (plus an “improved” Operations Expert), 8 new Special Event cards, 3 new challenges (including a Scotland Yard-ish Bioterrorist option), and a new difficulty level (Legendary) is definitely charging up my excitement even more. 

Tales of the Arabian Nights – Just from what I’d heard about it before and the overall idea of a story-telling boardgame, I was interested. After reading the rules, I can’t wait! The mechanics seem a bit clunky, but I don’t know how you could have a paragraph-based game that wasn’t. And to me, games that have both fun play and build a narrative are some of the most entertaining and memorable. My only concern is replayability, but with all the extra paragraphs written for this re-release and after seeing how the game works through the rules, this is a must-own for me.

– A space-empire game that plays in 45-90 minutes… You had me at “space-empire”.  Of course, I did some playtesting for this game in a slightly earlier version, which I enjoyed quite a bit.  After looking at the changes in the rules, I’m even more interested than I was before.  I actually preordered this almost a year ago, but isuues with the printer have delayed pretty much all of JKLM’s games, and now that they have made some changes in that area, I hope that we’ll see this finally get produced in the next few months.