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Welcome to! 

I’m Chris Norwood, and this blog is all about my gaming life. 

More specifically, I’m into “unplugged” games, such as boardgames and role-playing games.  And by boardgames, I’m not talking about Monopoly or Scrabble, but instead about what I’ll be calling
“modern” boardgames

I’ve been a
hobby gamer for over 25 years now, and my main focus over the last several years has been in the area of these modern boardgames.  I organize a gaming group (the Hypermind BoardGamers) that meets weekly at our local game store, and I spend a lot of time playing, reading, listening to podcasts, writing and talking about games.  Since April 2007, I’ve been giving reports about games that I play, writing reviews, making recommendations, and discussing theory and strategy here at, I started the Exploring Games podcast almost 2 years ago, and I don’t have any plans of stopping any time soon!

I do have a personal life, of course, even though I don’t discuss it all that much here.  I’ve been married for over 18 years now to Gwen, and we have two beautiful little girls, Samantha (age 5) and Corinne (age 3).  I’m also a strong Christian and am active in my local church.

But I love games, and I hope that my passion and knowledge about them helps you to rekindle and/or fan the flames of your own love for them as well.  Feel free to read and comment about anything that you find here, or contact me directly via email at

Happy Gaming!


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  2. Hi Chris,

    Have you considered creating a group on Meetup ( to find other board gamers in your area? I did a quick search, and there doesn’t seem to see one within 20 miles of Burlington, so perhaps there may be some demand.

    I’ve found that two people playing a board game doesn’t get much attention. A larger group, however, does attract eyes and ears 🙂 Once you start finding and growing a gaming group, they tend to feed itself.

    Look at what we’re doing in Boston:



  3. Chris Norwood

    I’ve definitely considered it, and I try to keep track of some of the near-by, game-related meetup groups.  My schedule hasn’t given me the chance to visit any yet (in Greensboro to the west and Apex/Cary/Raleigh to the east).

    I also haven’t mentioned it to the group as a whole, though, and don’t know if our space could handle a significantly larger group.  We currently have somewhere between one and two dozen people show up most Tuesday nights, and with a few other people in the store playing CCG’s or whatever, it gets pretty tight.  So if we were to make a significant expansion attempt, we’d need more space and (since our group is pretty loyal to the store) that would also probably mean another night/day.  And again, I personally don’t have the extra time right now to even play on other days, let alone organize anything else.

    I have, however, had the idea of trying to put together a boardgaming event for the central North Carolina area (at some highly unspecified time in the future), and meetup might be a really good tool (along with BGG and other online resources) to help pull it together and keep it going on a somewhat regular basis.

    Thanks for the suggestion, and I wish you continued success with your MGN events!

  4. That was a fantastic editorial. I came across your piece and felt it incredibly handy.

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