Two-Year Blog-i-versary! My Top 10 Favorite Articles!!!

Well, it’s been two years since I started this blog.  It’s been a lot of fun for me, and I hope that I’ve provided at least a little bit of information and/or entertainment for some of you out there as well.  Overall, it’s gotten a bit easier for me to write and update the site regularly as time has passed, and I hope that the general quality of my entries has gone up as well. 

Last year, I was quite distracted by the new addition to my family, and my first anniversary for this blog slipped by unnoticed.  So I felt it was even more important for me to take this opportunity to reflect on the last two years and call some attention to what I think are some of my best articles.  So, whether you’re new to the site and have never read most of these, or if you’re one of my “old faithful” and want to take a walk down memory lane with me, here are what I consider to by my Top 10 Favorite Entries

Honorable Mentions:
Here are a couple of entries that don’t really fit the standard mold for the site (as in being about boardgames or something similar), so I didn’t consider them for the “official” list, but I liked them enough to call some attention to them:

  • Diggum Giggum Dyung! 3/18/09– A recent article about my brilliant little girl and her first few words.  I thought is was pretty good, and it got all the non-gamers in my life to actually visit the site, many for the first time.
  • My take on a different kind of game… 7/5/07 – This is the tale of an egg-toss championship.  It’s a little silly, but lots of fun to read (as it was to write), and it’s one of my favorite fluff pieces that I’ve done. 
Number 10:

  • “Sucky Games”  2/5/09 – One of my several “meta-casting” responses to a podcast (this time it was the Messy Game Room), in which I give my short list of games that I think totally suck and will never (I hope) play again.  The content’s pretty good on its own, but I got on a roll and think that it’s a pretty entertaining read. 

Number 9:

Number 8:

  • Agricola Dominance! 9/17/08 – If you can believe it, this is my most viewed article.  Mainly, it’s because lots of people apparently Google “Agricola Strategy” and this is the fifth site that pops up.  Thankfully, this entry is a good one, where I give both some good content and show a bit of my writing personality, so I’ll take it as a fortunate thing that this is my “ambassador” to all those Agricola fans.   
Number 7:

  • MACE Boardgaming Review 11/20/07 – The MACE convention is always a highlight of every year for me, and this was a pretty good recap of my boardgaming activities there in 2007.  What is a little more interesting is that I also chose to try out a little experiment with recording an audio file to give some more detail about my experience.  If I ever find the time, energy, and co-hosts that I need to start up a real podcast, this will be the seed from which that might grow.
Number 6:

  • More Parental Gaming 6/2/08 – For the most part, this is a little recap of some gaming that Gwen and I got in shortly after Samantha was born.  What made it more special to me, however, is that my discussion actually got into some of the struggles that Gwen and I had in getting and staying pregnant.  So, it’s a little more personal than most of my articles, but I don’t think that I was too over-indulgent about it.

Number 5:

  • 2007 Year in Review 1/4/08 – 2007 was probably the greatest year for gaming in my entire gaming-filled life, and this was a very solid review of what that exactly meant.  It’s also the first year-in-review that I’d ever done, and I liked the format that I chose to use.  I’ve already added one for 2008 as well, and I plan on it being a regular addition to this site for as long as it lasts.

Number 4:

  • While the Wife’s away, the Man will PLAY! 12/14/07 – This is the story of how I tried to kill myself with four nights straight of gaming when Gwen was away on a business trip.  Whether or not it’s fun to read, it was a blast to live through!  Plus, since I played both 1960 and Twilight Struggle on back-to-back days, I threw in a little compare-and-contrast action between the two games. 

Number 3:

  • Gaming Competitiveness – Winning vs. Fun? 5/15/07 / Luck and Chaos in Gaming 4/24/07 – I had a hard time separating these two, because they’re both examples of some boardgame “theory” that resulted from more meta-casting in response to podcasts I was listening to.  Overall, I think that they’re pretty solid, and get to a deeper level of thought than my normal schedule allows me to do.

Number 2:

  • Games for Everyone! The 2008 Christmas Gift Guide 12/10/08 – This article probably had more time and effort put into it than any other.  It was my “buying guide” for this past Christmas, which I intended to mainly aim at the non-gamers in my life.  Once it was done, I sent it to everybody on my church’s email list, all my co-workers, and anybody else that I had an email for.  I plan on making this an annual thing as well, and I sincerely hope that it will help at least one or two people introduce games (and good games at that) into their lives.   

Number 1:

  • Power Grid – An Overdue Game of the Month Review  7/14/08 – My favorite entries are my formal reviews.  This one, a generally negative review of Power Grid, is probably my overall best.  But some of my other favorites are the ones for Arkadia, Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition, Citadels (which Bruno Faidutti, the game’s designer, linked to from his own website), and Pandemic.  I put a lot of effort into these reviews, and I want them to be a resource for gamers for years to come.  I wish I were a little more prolific with them, but I haven’t figured out how to decrease the time involved without impairing the content that I want to provide.  But I am considering developing a more limited review format for games that I want to cover, but just not in as much detail as what I’ve been doing up to this point.

Like I’ve said, I really enjoy this blog and the opportunity it gives me to think and write about the gaming hobby that I love so much.  I appreciate all of you out there that read and sometimes even discuss what I have to say, and I promise to you that I’ll do my best to keep quality content coming out as often as possible.  So, as I head into year 3, I’d better wrap this up so I can catch up on some other updates that I need to finish!


  1. Good stuff, Chris. I’m looking forward to reading back through these entries. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Chris Norwood

    Thanks, Scotty! 

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