SIte Changes – Use of Tags

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but last week I did a little work behind the scenes to how my site is organized.  I went through every post that I’ve ever done and added in tags that link entries by the games that are discussed in them.  So now you can either look for more articles of a certain type (Reviews or Meta-Casting, for example) or about a certain game (like Pandemic or Age of Empires III).  I haven’t necessarily built tags for every single game mentioned in an article, but rather, I’ve reserved them for games that I think may be mentioned in several articles, or that are worthy of getting more discussion in the future. 

Unfortunately, in all my clicking and fiddling around, I apparently screwed some stuff up as well.  The biggest thing that I discovered was that I inadvertantly deleted my Pandemic Review.  Thankfully, I double-post my reviews at BGG, so I’m in the process of recreating it here as well.

So anyway, I hope this helps you find stuff better.  And please let me know if you have any ideas about how the site could be more useful (or if you notice anything else that I’ve screwed up).