Diggum Giggum Dyung!

Since I have yet another week without any real chance to play games (it was Gwen’s turn to be sick this week), I thought I’d gush about my amazing little girl for a change. This morning when I dropped her off at daycare, she said her first sentence – “Bye Da-da!” Yeah, it’s only two words, but for someone who’s only 11 and a half months old, I was pretty impressed.

She actually has quite a little lexicon already, and because I’m sure that you are all terribly interested in it, let’s explore what all she’s saying: 

  • “Da-da” – Obviously, this is Daddy. And it is perhaps the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.
  • “Ma-Ma” or “Mom” – Mommy… her favorite person in the world.
  • “Bye” or “Bye bye” – See ya later, goodbye, toodle-ooo, “Go away and let me play with my friends”… whatever.
  • “Baw” – You know; a spherical object that you roll around on the floor and play with.
  • “Ba” or “Ba-ba” – Still her main source of sustenance.  Of course, she only uses it when she’s not actually hungry.  When she really wants the bottle, she usually says something more like “Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!!!!!” or just whines a lot.
  • “Hey!” – That’s how we say “Hello” around here. Of course, she could be referring to what horses eat, but that’d be a strange thing to tell people when she first sees them.
  • “Moooooo” + That’d be what a cow says. (I hope you knew that one.)
  • “Duck” – That’s right, it means duck! She even has a plural form, “Duck duck”. It’s either plural, or it means that she’s really excited about the duck.
  • “Bun” – That’s what she calls one of our cats. Of course, it makes a lot more sense when you know that the cat’s name is Bunny Rabbit. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. We didn’t really think about how this name might confuse a child, but it’s too late to change it now.
  • “Bath” – Where she goes to get naked and play with the “duck duck!” (Rubber ducks, of course, not real ones.  That’d just be strange.)
  • “Duh” + Well, we’re not exactly sure… But we think it may be “there” or “please give regard to this object to which I am referencing”. (The picture is of her pointing finger, by the way, which is more important than her actually saying “duh!”)
  • “Uh oh!” This is what she says when she does something like “accidentally” drop her sippy cup for the third time in a row.  (Of course, Daddy says it occasionally when he, say, forgets one of the new words that his beloved daughter is saying the most!)
  • “Dyung” – This and other similarly sounding words have convinced me that Samantha actually has an extensive vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese, but alas, I am ignorant of that language and therefore unable to accurately interpret.
  • “Diggum” and “Giggum” – I have no clue, but the regularity and apparent intentionality with which she uses these words again must mean that she is merely speaking some other funky moon language of which I have no knowledge.  I’ll have to ask her for a translation when she gets older.
Well, I think that’s pretty much it.  Now I just need to teach her some really important words.  Stuff like “coop game”, “elegant mechanics”, “area control”, “victory point”, and “pasted-on theme”.  Then she’ll be able to start writing game reviews!

“Da-da, can we play a coop game with some elegant mechanics and a pasted-on theme?”   -Samantha
“Sure, Sweetheart, as soon as I finish with the diggum in the giggum.”   -Me


  1. Gwen

    I personally found this article to be very cute and adorable. It helps that is is about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world–my daughter. This is a very well-written funny article,honey. Thank you for writing it. Love you.

  2. Mary

    Website are you kidding. i don’t even have face book.
    I loved the article. Have you ever thought of being an author on the side?

  3. Margaret

    Great article and pictures.

  4. Phyllis

    Speaking as the expert in speech/language pathology, I’d say with an expressive vocabulary of approximately 15 single words and emerging 2-word utterances, Samantha is well on her way to “academically gifted” land. And that cutie is my niece!!!!!

  5. Rebecca

    Tooooo cute! can’t wait to hear my baby cousin say these things! Hate to miss her first b-day! Love you guys! Miss you,

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