I was just looking around over at Purple Pawn, and this story just made my day!

Best Dang Games is running a special offer where you get one of the Giant Microbes plush viruses with any purchase of Pandemic.  Here’s what they say:

Every order of Pandemic recieves a FREE plush disease of your choice, based on one of the virus colors in the game.

Wouldn’t it be fun to give your friends Hepititis C?

When you order the game, select the color virus plush you want.

And here’s the link to this freakin’ brilliant special! This has got to be one of the coolest promotions I’ve ever seen, and I just hate that I really don’t need another copy of Pandemic…. or do I? 


  1. Chris Ingersoll

    If you want the plush viruses so bad… it’s not like they aren’t available via other means.

  2. Chris Norwood

    It’s not that I want them so bad, but I just thought that it was really cool to link them to Pandemic. 

    Of course, I have a “Dirty Santa” present that I need to buy for here at work anyway, and in a hospital they would make a really good present (especially for our Infection Control nurse).  I think I need to go to Hypermind and pick up one or two!

  3. Chris Ingersoll

    Plus you only get one with the deal anyway.

    Although it’s sort of sad that apparently the only “blue” virus GiantMicrobes offers is the freakin’ Common Cold. Could you imagine losing a game of Pandemic to the blue cubes and having that innocent little rhinovirus staring back at you? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate failure?

    Of course, there’s no actual cure for that one…

  4. Chris Norwood

    That’s what I was thinking.  It’s pretty ubiquitous, easily transmittable, and there’s no cure… sounds like it’s only a couple of mutations away from wiping out humanity!

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