Looking Forward to MACE!

MACE is next weekend, and I’ve been looking a lot at the schedule of games.  I’m definitely trying to focus more on boardgames this year, but I still want to hit a few RPG’s throughout the weekend.  Below is my tentative plan for each time block, where some are more certain than others:

Two of the games I’m running are pretty much sure things.  Assuming that pre-reg players show up, I’ve already got 2 for my Descent game and then 3 for Fury of Dracula.  I’ll run the games with that number of players, but I’d love to get another one (or two for Descent) in both.  And as long as I can pick up at least one other player for War of the Ring, I’ll run it as well.  Heck, I may just jump into the other game of WotR that is being run on Friday if the PTA game falls through (which I’m worried about since it doesn’t even have a table assignment yet!).

I’m also really looking forward to trying out Battlestations.  I’ve heard a lot about this game, and it sounds like something I’d really love, but I’ve never actually been able to see it in person before.  I want to get into one game of D&D 4th edition over the weekend as well, mainly because I haven’t had the chance to play it yet.  I’ve played D&D in one form or another since I was nine years old, and I just want to give this version a try. 

Of course, I’d also love it if some spontaneous open-boardgaming happens during or in-bewteen some of these sessions as well.  I’ll take along a few other favorite boardgames, as well as my new copy of Zombie Cinema, just in case the mood strikes a group of us.

I hate it, but this will also be the first year that my brother, Tony, won’t be at MACE with me.  Since we started going 7 or 8 years ago, we’ve always gone together.  Unfortunately, he’s got work commitments that weekend, and I’ll be all by myself. 

So, if you’re going to be at MACE, will you be my friend??? 

Or at least will you play games with me?????