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The other day, I was flipping around BGG (and may or may not have recently listened to The Spiel podcast), when I thought it’s be neat to check out how many games I own that I have yet to play.  My collection is up to a respectable 207 games at this point, and (excluding expansions that I may or may not have played), there are only 19 that I still need to try out – that’s only 9%!!!  It’s not nearly as monumental or overwhelming as the Spiel Guys’ “List”, but I wanted to analyze it a little to see if there’s any chance that I’ll ever play them all. 

So, to start, what are my unplayed games?  Here they are:

And let’s start with those that are:

Games I’ll Never Play –

I think that it’s a pretty good bet that I’ll never actually play my copy of Stellar Conquest.  This was the first prize given away by Charlie Eastman on his now-dead Little Wooden Cubist podcast, and is the only thing I’ve ever won on any podcast-related contest.  While it’s pretty cool to own, I would probably rather play Twilight Imperium or try one of the newer space-domination games (like Galactic Emperor or Ascendancy) instead of this outdated game.

I also doubt that I’ll ever play the Axis & Allies: D-Day game.  Unless something changes in my life, it would probably take someone else coming to me, scheduling a time, and offering to teach me the game to make me want to play.  I picked it up for 75% off last year after Christmas, and have regretted paying 25% for it ever since.

Games That I Will Probably Play Eventually, But Not Until Something Changes-

Well, I guess it’s actually just one “game that I will probably play eventually, but not until something changes”, and that game would be Go.  I don’t have anything against the game, but I just don’t know anyone that plays with any regularity or that even has enough history with the game to teach me and cultivate a bit of knowledge about it in our group.  I suppose that it’s possible I will have such an opportunity in the future, but no time soon.

Games That I’ll Play Whenever I Create An Opportunity –

These are games that I really want to give a try, but that I’ll need to do some work to get together.  Most of these are longer and/or two-player only, and it’s just hard to get them done (or even started good) while at our regular game nights.  Specifically, these are War of the Ring, Paths of Glory, Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, Risk (Revised Version),  and the seemingly out-of-place Rage

I’ve actually got a game of War of the Ring already scheduled for the Sunday morning of MACE, which I’m really excited about.  I’ve already printed out all kinds of player aids and such, and I’ve read and re-read the rulebook a couple of times.  If you’re going to be at MACE, get up early on Sunday and join me!

Britt Davis and I had been making plans to schedule a game of Paths of Glory, but then my daughter was born.  Eventually, we’ll get it played… I promise!

Similarly, to get Battleground: Fantasy Warfare and the new Risk played would probably just require me pushing a few people a little.  I’m sure that several people are especially interested in giving the new Risk a try for nostalgic reasons if nothing else. 

And then there’s Rage… My parents are actually big card gamers (they’ve gotten together pretty much weekly with another couple or two since I was really young to play Rook, Canasta, and other similar games).  Anyway, I bought this as something to try out with them, and if not before, I’ll take it with us on our big family cruise that we’re taking in January. 

Games That I’ll Play If My Wife and I Ever Have Time –

Most of the 2-player games are ones that I’ve bought for my wife and I to play, but (again since our daughter was born) we just haven’t had the time.  The Battle for Hill 218, Blue Moon, Pick and Pack, and Travel Blokus are all just sitting there on my shelf, waiting to get some love.  Of course, it’s entirely possible that some of the games could see some play with others looking for a two-player game, but that’s just so rare at game night that I rarely even take non-multiplayer games.

Games That Are Fillers Waiting for a Time to Fill –

Rattlesnake will get played the next time I go to game night.  Alibi, Castle, Set, and Take Stock have all made their way to and back from game night a few times each, but just never seemed to fit into the evening.  Mostly because none of them are “big name” games with a lot of hype or name recognition, they’ve gone unnoticed at game night.  But all it’d probably take was me or someone else calling attention to them to get the to the table, so maybe I’ll make a little extra effort in the near future.

Games That I Have Absolutely No Idea Why I’ve Never Played –

Yeah, it’s a little ridiculous that I’ve never played Acquire.  It should have been on my Shameful List of Unplayed Games!!! But for whatever reason, I was just never exposed to it before the last year, and again, since most people are all familiar with it, giving it a play instead of the “next big thing” seems to never happen.  I bought the brand-new (yet pittifully cheap) Hasbro version, and I resolve to play it within the next month!!!

So, I think that’s all of them.  How about you?  What is your “list” like???

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  1. I picked up the new version of Acquire, and it was the first time I had played it…and it’s quite awesome. I may or may not be able to make it back down there anytime soon…we’ll see…but I wouldn’t mind a game of it.

    As far as the games I haven’t played goes, I’ve been working on making that list smaller recently. Here’s what’s still on it:

    Save Doctor Lucky
    Cosmic Coasters

    and if you don’t count partial games,
    Twilight Imperium (3 ed.)
    Power Grid

    Cosmic Coasters I never intended to play…I seriously was in the market for some coasters. Tichu I just haven’t had the right setting for, and Saving Doctor Lucky was a throwaway-type purchase at…like $4. I almost got one game of TI3, but I can’t count it since we were a point away from finishing when half the people left. Power Grid I’d like to get through at least once in my life, though I’m certainly open to selling my own copy.

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