Okay, Pandemic can still Kick Our Butts!

Gwen and I played four straight games of Pandemic on Saturday night, and four straight times we saw the world descend into disease-ridden apocalypse.  Of course, we were playing the “heroic” difficulty game (with 6 Epidemic cards), but our record previously on this level had been 4 wins and only 1 loss.  It was apparently time to even the score and restore balance to the Pandemic-playing world… but we didn’t go down without a fight!

In fact, in three of the four games, we had the winning cure in our freaking hands!  Three times we lost to having 8 outbreaks, but in the last game we lost because there was only one card in the player deck when Gwen needed to draw, and I would have won the game for us on my next turn (already had 5 black cards and was sitting on a research station – one action short!!!)  I guess that’s why Pandemic is so crazy addictive, because you always feel that if you had just made one little different move, you could have made things turn out better.  This also put me up to 47 non-solo plays, and I should have my review out for it any time now!      


  1. You share valuable! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up.

  2. Very amusing thought, well told, just do everything laid out on the shelves:)

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