MACE is next weekend!

MACE is next weekend, and I just can’t stand the wait!!!

MACE (the Mid-Atlantic Convention Expo), is the largest gaming convention in the Carolinas.  It’s got board games, RPG’s (traditional, RPGA, and Indie), miniatures games, LARP’s, a touch of CCG’s, stuff for kids, a big charity auction, and other cool stuff too.  It’s held in High Point, NC in the Radisson Hotel, and it’s a blast!

Frankly, I think that this year’s gaming lineup is the best ever.  If you’re anywhere near central NC next weekend, you really need to come and check it out.  

I also plan on having some sort of review from the weekend here at, so be on the lookout for that as well.  Right now, I’m preregistered for gaming at every time slot, with plenty of backups in case anything falls through.  Here’s my list as of today:

Day/Time Table Game/Title Aff. Role Rmv Edit Plyrs
Fri 3p – 7p 28 Warrior Knights   GM   Edit 2
Fri 8p – 12a 33 Struggle of Empires   PL Edit 2
Sat 9a – 1p Dogs in the Vineyard   GM   Edit 0
Sat 1:30p – 5:30p 4 Burning Wheel – No Exit   PL Edit 4
Sat 8p – 12a 20 Don`t Rest Your Head – In a moment of desperation   PL Edit 3
Sun 9a – 1p 28 Shogun (Queen Games)   GM   Edit 0
Sun 2p – 6p 49 Shab-al-Hiri Roach   PL Edit 2

If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is!  Hope to see you there!


  1. > Frankly, I think that this year’s
    > gaming lineup is the best ever.

    Thanks Chris. I really worked hard to get what Ihave on the schedule and even this week I was able to add something. I have a lot of gamer sub-groups to try and please and I don’t always do it. But I try. I am rather proud of this year’s schedule primarily because some many things came together.

  2. Britt

    If only this were scheduled in the spring or summer. My falls are filled with NC State football. Not enough time for every hobby that I have.

  3. Well, MACE is always a blast, but I’m just so thrilled that I’m going to have so many opportunities to play both some great boardgames that I already know I love as well as all these cool indie RPG’s that I have been wanting to try.

    In addition to my preregistered schedule, I have 3-4 “backup” games all planned out for each session just in case any my “first choices” fall through. What we need, Ron, is another day added to the Con! đŸ˜‰

  4. Oh, football isn’t that important (especially after yesterday’s game). Just come anyway, Britt!

  5. Chris, it was great to meet you at MACE this year. You added a special herb and seasoning to the usually tasty fares at that con. We all loved your sinister chemistry prof playing “Roach” and his last minute rebuke of OUR LORD AND MASTER, er I mean, that evil monster.

    Also, thanks for joining our game of PTA. It was a blast, and I think it may have convinced my friend Pete to try it out at “home.”

    Maybe we need to engineer a Triangle meetup with all the folks we met at MACE? Heck, I’d even be willing to drive to Burlington from Raleigh…

  6. As I say in my MACE reviews, I had a great time as well. It was also pretty cool to get to play a couple of different games with the same people throughout the weekend, too (I think Pete had some weird infatuation with me or something, by the way). And I’d love to be part of a meetup (within reasonable driving distance) anytime that I’m available.

    Are you planning to be at mini-mace, by the way? I’ve never been able to make it before, but I was thinking about trying to get there this year…

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