Halloween Games Review

Halloween Games Review

Hypermind BoardGamers decided to choose a Halloween-themed game to by our Game of the Month!.  As we looked into it, however, we realized that we really didn’t have a large selection of horrifying and/or spooky games around to fit the bill.  Even worse, it seemed like most all of the games we considered were either far too long for a weekday game night (Arkham Horror), really sucked (Haunting House), or were both of the above (Zombies!!!).  In the end, we picked Betrayal at House on the Hill to be the GotM!, but we have also found the opportunity to try out several other related games so far this month.  Before time got away from us and the opportunity passed, I thought I would give our impressions on these games and maybe help you find some good candidates for a Halloween game night.

Betrayal at House on the Hill
The players are explorers trapped in an old, haunted house. Things are okay until the evil of the mansion consumes one of them, turning them into a traitor seeking the destruction of his companions. This game has great atmosphere and is a lot of fun to play. There are some rules issues (okay, mainly rules book issues), but for pure theme this is hard to beat. It is the Game of the Month in October for our group, and I’ll have a full review ready before long.
BGG rating: 6.67
Our Average Rating: 7.3

Wicked Witches Way
Players are witches competing in a race on their brooms. The goal is not only to cross the finish line first, but also to look really good doing it. I’ve already wrote an article here on GamerChris.com about this, so I’ll just say that it is a cool mix of memory and strategy, and it’s is a lot of fun. Certainly less dark than Betrayal, playing more to the kid’s side of the holiday.
BGG rating: 6.25
Our Average Rating: 7.7

This is a game where you try to make the family you are playing as miserable as possible, and then kill them. It’s a simple card game of dark humor and opportune timing. This would make a good opener or closer to an evening of gaming, but is a little thin to be the main attraction. And if you love dark, macabre art in the style of Edward Gorey, you’ll love the illustrations on the cards!
BGG rating: 6.1
Our Average Rating: 6.5

1313 Dead End Drive
This mass-market game of murder and mayhem was a big surprise to me. Rich Aunt Agatha has kicked the bucket and all her 16 heirs have gathered for the reading of her will. The point is to kill off other heirs and escape from the house alive with the most money. The game is very simple, but has is a lot of fun and actually involves some real decisions and thought.
BGG rating: 5.49
Our Average Rating: 7.33

Unspeakable Words
/images/78039-68332/Give_Me_Brain_1_small.JPG” width=127 align=right border=1>Give Me the Brain
Zombies working in a fast-food restaurant… also interesting.  This is a quick, empty-your-hand card game with some nice twists and downright hilarious cards.  Easy to learn and play, but obviously very luck-based, and I fear that the humor may wear off pretty quickly.  Buit, of course, fear is very Halloweeny.  Still… “Look! A Monkey!”  Now I’ve got the brain!!! 
BGG rating: 5.86
Our Average Rating: 7.63

Zombie Fluxx
It’s Fluxx… with Zombies.  It’s an interestingly-themed version of Fluxx with a few interesting twists.  Personally, though, if you’re looking for a Zombie-themed card game, I’d go with Give Me the Brain
BGG rating: 5.64
Our Average Rating: 7.0

Fury of Dracula (2006)
/images/78039-68332/Fury_of_Dracula_2_small.JPG” width=388 border=0>


  1. And we still haven’t had a chance to fire off Halloween Party, Zombie Fluxx, The Great Brain Robbery, or Witch Trial. I’ll have at least HP and ZF with me for our last shot this upcoming Halloween E’en.

  2. And I’ll update this article with any other Halloween-themed games we play this month. I definitely want to try out Zombie Fluxx (mainly to see if it is better than regular Fluxx), and the HP may be pretty good too (I’ve been pretty impressed with the Descartes games I’ve tried so far).

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