Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice/Perudo
Or, “The Dice Game That’s Actually Worth a Crap”

my review of To Court The King, for example), Liar’s Dice succeeds because its randomness is applied almost equally to all of the players.  In fact, the random dice roll serves only as the background for the many skills involved in the game, some of which are cognitive (knowing probabilities and estimating odds), psychological (reading your opponents, deciding how to use bids to manipulate them), and social (making a bluff look believable and a good bid look shaky).        

The Verdict!

Rules: The rules are simple and easy to pick up.
Downtime: Virtually no downtime, bidding is fast and rounds go quickly. 
Length: We average about 25 minutes for a whole game involving (on average) 7 people
Player Interaction: It’s all about bluffing, reading, and intimidating other players. 
Weight: Light 
GamerChris’ Rating: For a near-perfect game, I give it a near-perfect 9.

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