Weekend Gaming! Trying out new games (to us) with the wife…

Gwen and I spent some of our time this weekend trying out a few games which are new to us.  I thought I’d give my initial impressions of each as well as a brief description of play (as well as I can remember, anyway).

The Pillars of the Earth

To Court the King –      

Chez Geek – 

I’ve owned this for a long time, but never found opportunity to play.  So when Gwen and I had a few extra minutes one evening, I pulled it out and made her give it a try.  Now, I know that it’s a Steve Jackson game, so I wasn’t expecting some fine piece of eurogaming genius (because his games are usually more about the humor of the theme than about elegant gameplay).  What I found was a game that was only slightly less fun to play than it is to just sit and read the cards… mainly because when you get tired of reading the cards you can just put them down, but you’d feel bad just quitting a game.  I suppose there may be some situation when I’d play again, but it would certainly only be with other real “gamers” and only is one of them really wanted us to.  My initial (and final) rating on BGG is a 4.     


  1. Fred

    I think the title is not representative of the article. Coming into the article I expected more than general game reviews from one married man’s point of view. Something more fitting to the article would have been better for those looking for things pertaining to weekend only. Those that you wind down and prepare for the next week with. None of the games present seem like something I would try. I didn’t even want to finish reading the long-winded review of the first game, and the others left me wondering what kind of games they were. The final game was more of a bash towards Steve JAckson games than an attempt to review it in the first place.

  2. GamerChris

    I’m sorry if you felt misled by the title of the entry. I just wanted to talk about the games that my wife and I played this past weekend, so it seemed pretty appropriate to me.

    And I hate that you didn’t like the way I reviewed the games. I admit that I was a little long-winded in reviewing Pillars of the Earth, but I was excited about it and wanted to give a little bit of a session report along with my initial thoughts about it. And yeah, I kinda trashed Chez Geek, but it also kinda deserved it. I mean, when you get bored with a game the very first time you play it, that’s gotta say something. But I have nothing against Steve Jackson games at all (in fact Illuminati has been a favorite of mine forever). I just meant that his games favor theme over mechanics, and that you shouldn’t expect elegant gameplay when you play them.

    As far as the To Court the King review, I thought it was pretty clear and relatively concise.

  3. Britt

    Your article is fine, and it reads well.
    Yours is a personal blog, and only a persnickety personality will fault you for your creation, rather than applaud your contribution to the gaming community.

  4. John

    I just found your blog, and just found out about german board games. I love your blog as it gives me really good insight on what games I would like to try and which to avoid.

    Keep it up!

  5. Chris Norwood

    Thanks!  I’ve been busy lately, but I’m working on a few new articles that I hope to have up this week.

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