Gaming Podcasts – What’s out there?

As I’ve gotten more and more into the boardgaming hobby, one treasure trove of information and entertainment that I’ve found are the many podcasts floating around out there in the aether of cyberspace.  These are some of my favorites, which I’ll give you my own little take on…

Most Entertaining Not that I don’t also find these informative or interesting, but the main draw for me is listening to guys who just love boardgames talking about boardgames.

The Dice Tower – Pretty Much everybody knows who Tom Vasel is, and I still enjoy his show quite a bit. The Dice Tower is full of lots of cool segments and is probably the most professionally done podcast out there.  (Tom Vasel and Sam Healey)

Most Informative – These are podcasts which really get down to the meat of gaming.  They tackle interesting topics and have intelligent discussion that have helped deepen my undertanding of our hobby.

Pulp Gamer – This is probably the most prolific podcast being produced right now.  They actually have seperate feeds for industry interviews (Inside Track), boardgame reviews (King’s Court), and general discussion (Out of Character).  They sometimes include information on RPG’s as well, but I still find them very entertaining and informative.  They are also publishing podcasts of the seminars from GTS this year, which I’ve found to be terribly interesting. (Don Dehm, Derek Rex, and Jeremiah Lynch)

The Rest -These are the rest of the podcasts that I listen to.  All of them are pretty good, but some come out too infrequently to really be a “favorite” while others are not totally dedicated to board games.